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What is American Box service?

American Box locker is a service that allows you to have a physical address in the United States (U.S.). Most companies that sell Internet or catalog in the U.S. only ship within the territory of that country.

American Box delivers a physical address in Miami, Florida, USA, which works like a personal address where you can receive your purchases of products and publications in that country, in your own home or nearest point of sale.

Once received the product in your locker, American Box will address the reception, international transport, customs clearance (nationalization) and final delivery.

American Box How it works?

To access the benefits of American Box, the first thing to do is register. For this, you only need a valid credit card and delivery address and we will assign you a number of American Locker Box.

Now you can shop at your favorite stores in the United States, via the Internet, telephone or catalog and send the goods or documents to your physical address in Miami, Florida. Thereafter, American Box will be responsible to deliver it to your nearest point of sale or at home.

We recommend that, to get their products to their locker American Box in Miami, always use private courier companies office within the U.S., such as American Box, or even the American postal service, which use monitoring systems (tracking) via Internet and proof of delivery (POD or proof of delivery).

Una vez que los productos hayan llegado a Miami, será responsabilidad de American Box asegurar que estos lleguen en forma segura hasta sus manos.

What good is having an address in the United States?

Possessing a physical address in the United States opens the door to trade millions of products and offers. When you have your physical address will appear as any other U.S. resident a personal address in that country.

One of the biggest benefits of having the American box Box is the reduction in freight cost to have its own physical address. Costs that your provider will charge for a direct shipping to your country (specify which country), are higher than the same request to his locker Shipping American Box.

What is my address in the United States?

Your physical address in E.E.U.U. is located in the cellars of American Export. Without any problem, suppliers may enter any product by any means of transport and our experienced staff will receive and dispatch to its final destination, home.

You only need to clearly identify your shipments with the information provided to it:

  1. Physical Address in USA: the address of the warehouse where his locker American Box
  2. Locker Number: This number should be part of the address that you provide to your suppliers.



7311 NW 12St#12
Miami, Fl 33126
Tel. 506 331 7009

How long does it take my mail or package?

The time it took you to get your mail or packages to receive depends on several factors: delivery date of your package or correspondence in our warehouse in Miami, package conditions (eg full commercial invoices, packing enough for transport to final destination, including ), the frequency of shipments and customs processes defined by each country.

What can I get for my locker American Box?

Correspondence, journals, catalogs, packages, and any other content that is not restricted, prohibited, illegal, effective or coin jewelry material.

What does the term "Junk Mail"?

Junk Mail is unsolicited, refers to any promotional correspondence reaches your mailbox, sent by companies seeking to market their products. Can be catalogs, flyers, brochures, magazines, among others.

How I can avoid the Junk Mail or unsolicited correspondence?

The Junk Mail mostly comes from a purchase, in which his name is registered in the archives of the company. The suggestion is to tell the company that does not share or distribute your information.

Always use the same name, preferably your credit card. So that there will be room for your mail to double.

By registering with the service locker American Box you can choose the option to filter your unsolicited correspondence, so we will make a selection in our warehouse in Miami trying to filter Junk Mail as much as possible.

What is Volumetric Weight?

It is the space occupied by the merchandise inside the plane. Depending on what your provider used to pack your product, in some cases this is much larger than its actual weight.

To calculate the volumetric weight should do the following:

  1. To take the boxes in centimeters.
  2. We perform the following calculation:


Long (cm) × Width (cm) × High (cm) =  volumetric kilos



Long (pul) × Width (pul) × High (pul) =  volumetric kilos



Who do I contact if I have a complaint?
For any questions, complaints or claims do not hesitate to contact us
Gotowww.amexpusa.com, haz clic en Contáctenos. Nuestros representantes atenderán a la brevedad tu solicitud para darte la respuesta que necesitas.
If my virtual store asks me a contact number. What I?
For such purposes as a user you have to give the phone from our warehouse in Miami 786 331 7009 .
Do Customs Transactions are part of the service?
The customs procedures are part of the value added services that the American Box Locker offers. Allow us to be their intermediaries to the customs authorities so that you only need to receive your package.
How Rights Customs Tax calculated?
Customs duties vary by country of destination, usually the calculation of the fee is based on the CIF (Cost + Insurance + Freight) value.

Cost = value indicated in the commercial invoice (price of goods placed in Miami).

Insurance = usually calculated using a percentage of the FOB value.

Freight = International transport rate according to the transported kilos. Normally defined by a table that provides the Treasury.

Are taxes included in the basic rate of contract are?
The basic rate does not include taxes, duties or customs formalities nationalization, includes only the right to your physical address in the U.S., plus kilos transported to their final destination, monthly. The payment of taxes, duties and other causing the package must be paid separately.
Why packets must pay import taxes?
The customs procedures are part of the value added services that the American Box Locker offers. Allow us to be their intermediaries to the customs authorities so that you only need to receive your package.
How do I know what percentage of taxes I pay for an item?

If a package is retained in Customs, the percentage of tax you pay depends on the description of the package contents and the CIF value.

There are different rates for each type of item. If you want to know the approximate percentage for a specific item you can consult with our representatives in each country, they will advise.

Our Points of Sale

You can check the contact our sales section GotoContact Us

Tips for shopping online!

Now the American Box facilitates the entire process of shopping online, catalog or any other method. We are your partner for the safe transport of their packages from USA to your home or nearest point of sale.

Recomendaciones a considerar en las compras por Internet
  • Be sure to buy at known sites Recommended, specialized in online sales and catalog and to provide security measures adequate information.
  • Save and print a copy of pages and documents associated with your purchase: your personal details, details of the purchase "electronic invoice" and a confirmation that your purchase has been processed successfully.
  • The virtual store should to provide a tracking number. With this number you will know exactly the status of your purchase from departure from the cellars of the virtual warehouse until it reaches the physical address of his locker American Box.
  • Use of tracked haulage companies (track & trace) via Internet. To do this you must order delivery to the physical address of your locker American Box.
  • American Box gives you free advice on your online purchases. Free advice by telephone, email or in person at no additional cost.

Quick secure purchases over the Internet

1. Identify the safest shopping sites
These email addresses using technology that allows the exchange of encrypted information from computer to computer. Thus, data such as credit card numbers are transmitted securely. The only ones who can decode this information are those with authorization.

Usually reliable business publish on their website a physical address and at least one phone number. Talk and try to determine if the business is legitimate.
2. Read the Privacy Policy and Site Security.
All business mail offers reliable information about your transaction. Usually you can find that information in a section called "Privacy Policy". This is where you will learn the fate of their personal data.
3. Mean safer to shop online: credit cards.
Its use as a tool available on Internet has become a priority, as most sites require your card as a requirement. Always observe that the site is secure, this means that your data is protected and encrypted. Credit cards have created systems Electronic Transaction, making every day safer use of the cards.
4. Please provide the minimum amount of information possible.
There are key information, such as your name and address, you must provide when purchasing a product online. However, it is common for a business to request more information. They may ask about their recreational habits or income, information that is used for commercial purposes, to send emails as "spam" (Mass), telephone calls or direct mail.

Never answer a question that you consider inappropriate for the transaction. Most sites required information identified with an asterisk (*). If a business requests mandatory information that you consider inappropriate, find another place to make your purchase.
5. Your password is only for you.
Most reliable sites require users to register for the site (Log-in). Usually an alias and a password is required. Never disclose your password to another person and when choosing one, do not use common combinations such as a birthday date, the maiden name of his mother, the numbers of your driver's license or identification. Do not use the same password on other systems. The safest passwords have 8 digits and combine both numbers and letters.
6. Keep copies of your transactions.
When you complete your order should appear a page that summarizes your transaction. We recommend that you keep a copy of it. Also, print the page that contains the business name, address, phone number, and legal terms of your purchase. As a precaution, we recommend that you archive this information until after the product warranty period.

Most likely you will receive a confirmation email. Secure a copy for your records and include other messages you exchange with the company.
7. Learn the process of mail delivery.
The law requires all meet the delivery date of the product according to the terms of its own advertising business. If not agreed on a specific time, the business must ship the product within 30 days or give you an option called "Option Notice".
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